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7:00-8:00 Registration
8.00-8.15 Opening ceremony ISAPS Symposium
ISAPS presentation - short intro Jesus Benito Ruiz (3 min.)
Brief speeches – Ivar van Heijningen, (3 min.) Dr. Vakis Kontoes (3 min.)
8.15-8.45 Opening Lecture: How Safe Is Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Dr. James Grotting
8.45-10.30 Topic: General principles of Patient safety
Moderator: Dr. Ivar Van Heijningen
8.45-9.05 Prevention of bleeding and transfusions.
Dr. Jorge Bayter
9.05-9.25 DVT and embolism-prophylaxis in aesthetic plastic surgery.
Dr Jesús Benito-Ruiz
9.45-10.05 Hypothemia: the hidden enemy.
Dr. Jorge Bayter
9.25-9.45 Prophylactic antibiotherapy.
Dr. David Lumenta
10.05-10.30 General Discussion
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-13.20 Forum discussion prevention of complications
Moderator: Dr. Jesus Benito-Ruiz
11.00-11.20 Complications in fat grafting and how to avoid them.
Dr. Kai Kaye
11.20-11.40 Face lift. Creating Happy patients. How to avoid and treat complications.
Dr. Vakis Kontoes
11.40-12.00 Prevention and treatment of implant contamination, implications for biofilm formation.
Dr. Mark Clemens
12.00-12.20 Prevention of complications in postbariatric surgery.
Dr. Marisa Manzano
12.20-12.40 Twelve safety points in augmentation mammoplasty to avoid potential complications.
Dr. Bertha Torres
12.40-13.00 The Gravomuel Patient Information system to avoid the worst complication: a dissatisfied patient.
Dr. Ivar van Heijningen
13.00-13.20 General Discussion
13.20-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.30 Complications in fat grafting and fillers
Moderator: Dr. Joan Fontdevila
14.30-14.50 Multiplanar application of macro, micro and nanografts on face.
Dr. Bertha Torres
14.50-15.10 How to avoid complications in fat grafting of periocular areas.
Dr. Mario Pelle-Ceravolo
15.10-15.30 Facial Rejuvenation. High SMAS and Fat Grafting.
Dr. Arturo Ramirez-Montañana
15.30-15.50 Oncologic outcomes of fat grafting, MD Anderson Institutional Experience.
Dr. Mark Clemens
15.50-16.10 Complications with fillers.
Dr Marisa Manzano
16.10-16.30 Discussion
16.30-17.00 Coffee break
17.00-19.20 Facial surgery
Moderators: To Be Confirmed
17.00-17.20 Simplifying Facial Rejuvenation To Avoid Complications.
Moderator: Dr. James Grotting
17.20-17.40 How to avoid nerve injuries in aesthetic surgery of the face.
Dr. Mario Pelle-Ceravolo
17.40-18.00 Re-contouring the neck in young patients.
Dr. Arturo Ramirez-Montañana
18.00-18.20 A critical appraisal on results and complications of neck rejuvenating surgery.
Dr. Mario Pelle-Ceravolo
18.20-18.40 Rhinoplasty, Do we Abuse Using Grafts?
Dr. Arturo Ramirez-Montañana
18.40-19.00 Complications in Blepharoplasty. How to avoid and how to treat them.
Dr. Vakis Kontoes
19.00-19.20 Discussion
20.30 Welcome Cocktail


8.00-9.00 Registration
9.00-11.00 Breast surgery
Moderator: Dr. Mark Clemens
9.00-9.10 Bacteria of the breast and Breast Augmentation.
Dr. Jesús Benito-Ruiz
9.10-9.20 Capsular Contracture and Antibiotherapy.
Dr. David Lumenta
9.20-9.40 Revisional Procedures Following Breast Augmentation.
Dr. James Grotting
9.40-10.00 Inframammary fold violation in augmentation mammoplasty. How to avoid and how to correct.
Dr Vakis Kontoes
10.00-10.20 How to avoid capsular contraction and implant displacement.
Dr. Mario Pelle-Ceravolo
10.20-10.40 ALCL.
Dr. Mark Clemens
10.40-11.00 Discussion
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-13.15 Body contouring
Moderator: Dr. Marisa Manzano
11.30-11.50 Pulmonary Thromboembolism and Fat embolism. The number 1 enemies.
Dr. Jorge Bayter
11.50-12.10 Anatomic guidelines in gluteal fat grafting.
Dr. Arturo Ramirez-Montañana
12.10-12.30 Patient Safety in Liposuction procedures - 10 years experience in private clinic setting.
Dr. Kai Kaye
12.30-12.50 Extraction of fillers in buttocks with ultrasound and reconstruction with fat infiltration.
Dr. Bertha Torres
12.50-13.15 Discussion
13.15-14.15 Lunch
14.15-16.00 Forum discussion: Insurance, liabilities, medical tourism?
Moderator: Dr. Jesús Benito-Ruiz
14.20-14.40 Professional Responsibility and Patient Safety in Plastic Surgery.
Dr. Raquel Murillo. AMA Company
14.40-15.00 Risks, what to insurance companies look at?
Dr. Alison Thornberry
15.00-15.20 Medical tourism and accreditation.
Dr. Ivar van Heijningen
15.20-15.40 ISAPS Insurance a useful tool for plastic surgeons.
Dr. Alison Thornberry
15.40-16.00 Discussion
16.00-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-18.30 Standards in plastic surgery
Moderator: Dr. Vakis Kontoes
16.30-16.50 Your Plastic Surgery Practice: Keeping It Safe!
Dr. Jim Grotting
16.50-17.10 Plastic Surgery: what must not to do and what has to be done in hospitals to avoid complications.
Dr. Jorge Bayter
17.10-17.30 Patient safety in large volume liposuction procedures - 10 years experience in private clinic setting.
Dr. Kai Kaye
17.30-17.50 Preventing deaths in Plastic Surgery.
Dr. Jorge Bayter
17.50-18.10 European Standards for Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine, what do they teach us?
Dr. Ivar van Heijningen
18.10-18.30 Discussion
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